View Full Version : Invalid passkey, can't fix

2007-04-17, 08:40 PM
I keep getting an invalid passkey message from my upload. I downloaded the torrent from the thread and Azureus did its thing, but now it can't upload.

I've tried re-downloading the torrent from the thread, but now Azureus tells me it's already been downloaded and can't be reused.

Any suggestions?

2007-04-17, 09:09 PM
Stop Azureus and delete the torrent file from the window. Then download it from the thread and start it with that torrent. You may have to do this once or twice (or I even had to do it three times once). Azureus has some weird glitch where if you are the original seeder and you start the torrent then it tells you "invalid passkey" the first time you start it - even though it is from the thread and has the passkey in it. Just watch that Tracker Status line and usually the second time it will finally go to OK.

(Lately, I have just been selecting the torrent in Azureus, right-clicking Advanced > Tracker > Edit Tracker URLs and adding the "?passkey=xxx" part to the end of the url myself - but you can only do that if you know how to grab the correct part from the torrent file.)

2007-04-17, 09:29 PM
Truly, you are a genius. I kneel at your wise feet. Everything's cool now.