View Full Version : burn speed with nero

2007-04-17, 08:21 PM
I just got a new burner and I'm using nero, I used to burn with roxio at 16 speed and a burn took about 6 min. with nero it's taking 12 min at 48 speed, I did the test speed thing so I'm wonder what's up. Any help?

2007-04-17, 09:04 PM
Go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Then expand your IDE Controllers and check to make sure that the devices are still set (Under Properties>The Advanced Tab) to Ultra DMA and not to PIO Only. I had a Nero install make a system revert back to PIO once. Took a long time to google a possible cause, and it doesn't seem to be Nero's fault as the postings I read attributed it to Windows just "going back to basics" sometimes when a program is installed.

BTW, I sure hope you're not burning that fast to archive anything. You're going to end up with coasters in a couple years if so. Fast burning (eventually) leads to corruption of the data faster on optical discs.

Hope this helps. If not, I can't think of anything else.