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2007-04-15, 09:12 PM
So I've downloaded a few shows in the past couple of days, just like always. Bittorrent, show goes into My Music, I listen - then burn, I'm happy. All of a sudden - when I download a show, it doesn't appear in My Music folder - or anywhere else! When I search my computer, I can find some of the files - but it says they're in My Music folder - which they are not! This has never happened to me before. I can't figure it out. Anyone ever have this dilemma? Or have a solution for me? Where is my music - and what is happening? Help.

2007-04-15, 09:28 PM
scan the drive
audio: *.shn, *.flac
video: *.vob

check your preferences on bittorrent - change them to a folder on your desktop

2007-04-16, 10:40 AM
Checked my preferences in BT (for the 10th time) and finally noticed my folder somehow got erased? Still looking for some of the files I downloaded earlier - but all seems to be working now, I think. Thanks for the heads up, direwolf-pgh.