View Full Version : I can't create playable DVD for 2 shows

2007-04-05, 07:59 PM
I downloaded the Bon Jovi Nokia Theater 2005 show. I tried to burn the DVD and it gave me an error. I get this sometimes and I usually just say burn anyways but it said it will write with errors. When it was done it said written with errors. I use Nero to burn. I also had this problem with the Metallica 2003 Germany DVD download.

It seems like other people have downloaded these shows and have burned them. Is it Nero?

Am I missing something? I have downloaded shows from here as well as dime with little or minimal problems. Is there a setting I need to check off?

Any help will be appreciated.

2007-04-05, 09:37 PM
How are you burning these DVDs with Nero? (i.e. did you pick Data DVD or Video DVD?) For that matter, how is your burner doing when you burn regular data DVDs?

Right now, I don't have enough information to go on--there's a million different things you can do with Nero, so you need to give us more detail. That bit about errors has me concerned--you have checked the files against their md5s, haven't you?

2007-04-05, 09:50 PM
Nero sometimes can't burn certain DVD's, BUT I came up with a good solution. Here's what you do. Download DVD shrink, open up the DVD folder, be POSITIVE to select "no compression", now save the files in a different folder as an ISO. After that finishes. Use NERO to copy the ISO to a DVD, and it will work fine. :thumbsup

2007-04-05, 09:57 PM
Yes, what specific error are you getting?

I've noticed that sometimes seeders will create DVDs with the md5 inside the VIDEO_TS folder, and that can't be added to the disc you're burning or the Nero will come back with errors.

In any case, post the error and that will help figuring it out.

2007-04-07, 07:37 PM
Thanks for all your replies. I will have a chance tomorrow night or Monday to review your suggestions and if I still get the errors I will be more specific and describe all the settings I'm using.

Thanks again.

Have a good weekend.

2007-04-08, 10:33 AM
So I tried some things. First, I downloaded the Metallica 06 Seoul show (a new one, not the one that didn't work). I got the same error when I went to write that one too. Usually I just Add the Video TS folder into the Nero. But after the error this morning, I copied the files from the Video TS folder directly into the Add screen and it worked. I then went back to the dvds that didn't work and tried the same thing. I got the same error. It goes like this...

DVD files re-allocation failed. The resulting DVD might be unplayable. Do you want to continue?

Then after I say Yes it gives the following:

A non-critical error occurred during the operation. Do you want to continue writing the disk anyway?

It burns the dvd and says at the end: Disk writing complete with errors.

Yesterday I burned another show that I downloaded with no problems (The Who from Rockpalast 3.28.81).

I can burn Data DVD fine (in fact I have the two shows that don't work burned to a data DVD.

Any suggestions for me to try?

2007-04-08, 10:38 AM
Stop using nero & get ONES...links in my sig

Unless there's a problem w/ the files you dl'd, it will burn the VIDEO_TS folder w/ no problem