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general eclectic
2007-03-30, 02:30 AM
I've posted a notice on Jeff Lang's bulletin board to let his fans there know i've posted a torrent of his out of print CD "real scars" here at the den...

One came back stating she'd DLed the file but couldn't open it. I assumed (correctly) that she had the torrent but no client. I posted the following reply for her but am wondering if i left anything out :hmm:

As you are using a PC I would recommend you download uTorrent (free) and install it (if you had a mac i'd've recommended azureus) then open the Real Scars torrent, uTorrent will open with a smaller window in front of it. Click ok and your DL will/should start...

when the DL is finished, you'll need another free program, 'traders little helper', to decode the .flac files to .wav, then you'll be able to burn as CDaudio using Nero or whichever software it is you have...

as a relative noob myself, it's a bit of a case of the blind leading the blind, but i think i've covered the bases. If not, i'd like to know before she needs more help...

feedback please!

thanx in advance!! :hmm: :)

2007-03-30, 06:41 AM
Looks like you have the basics covered.

The only thing you may want to point out to her is to be aware of "where" her bittorrent client is downloading the show to on her computer.

Otherwise, you may get, "Ok, I've finished but cannot find the files."

general eclectic
2007-03-30, 02:19 PM
thanx mate, appreciate the helping hand :) :thumbsup :cool: