View Full Version : WTF? tried to make new torrent.....

2007-03-29, 05:42 PM
i just tried to start the dvd cover torrent i've been putting together, with Lynne's blessing, but i don't know what happened. i followed the instructions for making a video torrent: i made a new torrent with azerus, i filled out the form, i uploaded the torrent file, and hit the button (new torrent, or whatever it says) to finish, but it just keeps taking me back to the beginning of the form. i made sure i didn't leave anythin blank and treid a few more times with no luck. after the first time it didn't give me the option to upload the torrent, so i started from scratch again, but when i got to the upload torrent part it said that that torrent was already uploaded. what happened? did i screw something up?

2007-03-29, 07:05 PM
I just deleted the torrent file.

When you were getting taken back to the upload page, there must have been something you forgot to do (fingerprints maybe?). Make sure you put something in those spots.

Go ahead and try it again.

2007-03-29, 09:00 PM
alright, tried again, same results. this is what is put:
video-audience shot dvd
artist-various artists
title-DVD Covers volume 1
add. label - dvd5
text file- i copied and pasted the text file here, but i added a paragraph about it at the beginning.
fingerprints / checksums- i opened the md5 in a text file, copied it and pasted it here

then i uploaded the torrent and clicked "submit new thread" and it just takes me back to the beginning...

2007-03-29, 11:56 PM
OK, I wonder if we are running into the problem of too many characters. Next time, try just putting "See next post" in where the fingerprints are supposed to go. See if the thread gets created this time.

2007-03-30, 04:31 PM
alright, it's up!

2007-03-30, 04:56 PM
it's up, but not showing me as the seed.

2007-03-30, 05:12 PM
OK, stop your torrent and remove it from your client. Then, redownload the torrent from the thread and start it in your bittorrent client again. Hopefully that will get it started this time.

2007-03-30, 07:21 PM
cool, that seems to have worked. thanks! let me know what you think of it.

2007-03-31, 12:36 AM
there was some confusion, but it's back in the video torrent section and cranking. thanks for all your help Lynne!