View Full Version : No upload after download finished

2007-03-27, 11:16 AM
Hi, I#m new here and I like the community very much, but I have a problem: When I download a show i can upload it at the same time but after the download has finished noone can upload it. I'm not firewalled and using bittorrent! With etree-torrents the upload works! The log says that the tracker-announcement is not complete!!!!
Thanx! Neustadt

2007-03-27, 11:35 AM
I'd love to get the exact error from your log.

Have you tried stopping the torrent and then starting it again? Are you trying to upload a torrent that has leechers on it? (None of the four torrents you are currently trying to upload have any leechers which means you cannot upload at all.)

2007-03-28, 05:37 AM
Thanx, I begin to understand: I start and start and start the torrents and think something is not working when the problem is only that no one is interested to download from me, right now I haven't any log about "tracker announcement is after 57 seconds not complete" but it was there! So I wait patiently for leechers and thank you very much for lending your ear to a newbies problem!