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2007-03-27, 08:09 AM
I jsut tried to upload my first show to this site. for starters i could seem to date the show correctly, XXXX how should i have changed that?
I think my torrent is up, it's the Mofro Langerado
But i also seem to have an error message, something along these lines
d1:failure reason 22:invalid passkey co-de
but i might not have actually hit the upload key.
can an admin check to see if it's working so i can send the link out
and get some folks uloading
mucho grassy ass

2007-03-27, 08:40 AM

the link to torrent i am asking about, is it working?

2007-03-27, 10:20 AM
Stop your torrent. Remove the torrent file from your bittorrent client. Then, go back to the thread and download the torrent from the thread. Start that torrent in your bittorrent client. If/when it asks where to save the files, point it to your Mofro folder. It will then verify the files are all there and go into seed mode.

(I'll post this same reply in your thread also.)

2007-03-27, 03:12 PM
OK, i trashed the old torrent, went into TD and reopened it and am dl'ing it now. Once it is dl'ed then everyone else can dl???
Is this how you all work the torrents?
If this is listed somewhere, i didn't see it.

2007-03-27, 03:16 PM
It looks like you have the torrent 'pointed' to the wrong folder. So, stop your torrent and delete it from your client again. Now, either move the Mofro folder into your normal download folder and download the torrent and start it OR go into your bittorrent preferences and change the setting that says to always download to a certain folder. Set it to ask. Then, start the torrent and when it asks where to download the show, point it to your Mofro torrent and it should verify it and then go into seed mode.

2007-03-27, 03:45 PM
so i've been trying to reopen this torrent, after deleting a few times.
the process is it will dl to my cpu first? I don't seem to be getting th eoptions you mention. i've been trying to follow your instructions, but i might be too thick to understand.
should i remove the torrent from your site first? Is this listed clear anywhere tha ti am not seeing. Usually i just open the torrent and it works, assuming i did the flac files correct, which i really think i did. when you say save "it"
do you mean to my torrent folder, where the rest are, or the folder where the files are?

2007-03-27, 03:46 PM
btw it's currently trying to dl to my cpu, but not working

2007-03-27, 04:14 PM
seems to be working. could you please varify that it is?
thanks for the help U2Lynne

2007-03-27, 04:57 PM
Yep, you are now in seed mode.

(BTW, you are firewalled. This will only have an affect on you if the only other people to try to get the show from you are firewalled since firewalled people cannot connect to other firewalled people.)