View Full Version : not a valid bencoded string error?

2007-03-18, 07:36 PM
Trying to download a file, I get the error msg "not a valid bencoded string" What does that mean and should I worry?

2007-03-18, 09:10 PM
Which torrent are you trying to download? Is anyone else posting in the same thread and getting the same error? What browser did you use to download the torrent to your harddrive? What bittorrent client are you using?

2007-03-20, 10:58 PM
I use bittorrent 4.4.0 on a linux platform (can't compile newer versions, I have bittorrent 5.0.7 sitting here to test, and bittornado 0.3.18, but haven't tested them out yet, not while I have torrents going).

I just saw another post in this forum about the same error and it was suggested to move the existing files for a minute, redownload, then pause the download, move the partial files back and resume. I'll see if that works for me.. The prob started when Bittorrent decided to freeze (it does that every 2-3 days, I guess it has a mem leak.)

One of the files that gave that error was:

Rush-Matrix Atlanta 2002-10-13 Reloaded.torrent among a few others.. Curiously, another torrent from TD didn't cause an error.. As far as I could find from a google search, the only advice I found was to just let the tracker sort out the error, it's an internal bug or somn..I dunno..

Anyway, yep moving the files for a minute then restarting the torrent, etc, seems to to do trick.

Hopefully the admins can give more info about the error and maybe even fix the server, I haven't seen this happen on other trackers.. I'll check the other bt clients when I get a chance.

2017-11-12, 09:50 PM
Trying to download a file, I get the error msg "not a valid bencoded string" What does that mean and should I worry?

There is a chance that you have downloaded corrupted file. That means torrent website may have corrupted file itself. Just try to download t same file from another torrent website. It may work.

Here are some of the ways to fix this issue:

1. Use VPN
2. Use magnetic Link
3. Download from other sources (eg. IDM)

I would suggest you to read more about the other methods before deciding which one would be best for you. Refer to this answer from Microsoft.

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