View Full Version : Webcast capturing

2007-03-03, 04:09 PM
hello i know little to none about capturing anything. I recently heard that the Allman Brothers band was going to be streaming their Beacon run this year online via webcasts. Does anyone know if it is possible to get this on a DVD-R?

2007-03-03, 04:41 PM
you can google and download a free program called net transport
but after you install it you should go to options > monitor,
and delete all the file types there so it doesn't set up as your default downloader.
then if the webcast you capture is a DRM protected .wmv which is common now,
you can google a free program called FairUse4WM to strip the DRM.
this has to be done before the license expires which is usually shortly after the show.
then you can author it to dvd.