View Full Version : Help please- newbie doesn't understand! (Bad bencoded data)

Mike Moser
2007-02-25, 02:42 AM
:hmm: I recently switched from Bittorent to ABC. I have 7 torrents in the process of downloading from tradersden, in states from 0.0 to 20 % finished. Suddenly all my torrents from this site say "Bad data from tracker - bad bencoded data" and will not connect further- I have a couple running from other trackers (think that is right term- a couple from minnova, demonoid, dimeadozen etc.) all moving at normal pace. I (of course) also have problems with being firewalled and not being able to open my ports thoroughly or so it seems, no matter what I try. But I want to resolve this problem first- I can deal with slower DL's if I have to but I want them to do something! Again this is only affecting my tradersden torrents. Thanks any and every body!

Mike Moser
2007-02-25, 06:36 PM
:wave: 24 views and no one wants to help me??? C'mon gang I'm counting on you here. Any ideas at all?

2007-02-25, 07:12 PM
Have you tried stopping the torrents and then slowly (one second apart) starting them again? If the tracker is overloaded, then doing this will get rid of the error most of the time.

(Just as a side note, it sound like you are downloading *way* too many torrents at a time. Just two or three at a time is recommended for a normal connection in order to try to help the swarm.)

Mike Moser
2007-02-26, 12:48 AM
Thanks U2! I guess I tend to get a little greedily obsessive! I shut down most of what I was doing and fired up just a few torrents. Seems to be working. Much obliged for your taking time to help out- thanks again. :clap: