View Full Version : How long before New Seed posts?

Oogly Dook
2007-02-24, 05:50 AM
To increase my seed/leech ratio, I've seeded a Rolling Stones Silver CD that was seeded here awhile ago by another user. I used the "Upload Show" and filled everything out correctly. I followed the Audio Seeding Policy to the letter, fingerprints and all. Since I've made no changes to the folders/files that the original seeder put up a long time ago, then where is my post?

It shows the original posted seed under the "Inactive Torrents" forum, so it's not like there are 2 active seeds offering the same thing.

This isn't my first time uploading a torrent.

As soon as I finished filling out the blanks, I pressed "Submit New Thread" at the bottom, which then allowed me to "Submit Torrent", which I also did.

The announce url is correct and everything in Azureus shows me as a seeder. However, in Trader's Den my thread still hasn't posted. How is anyone here to know that a seed is available if it doesn't post to the forum?

So why doesn't my new seed show up under Audio Torrents? I'm seeing new posts (for other threads) coming up every 15 mins or so, but now some time has passed and my new thread still does not show.

In case you're wondering, no, I did not make any changes to the folder or files after uploading the torrent.

Oogly Dook
2007-02-24, 08:48 AM
Nevermind. I removed the seed and tried it again. This time the server took it.