View Full Version : why am i not showing as seeding?

2007-02-22, 06:50 PM
ok....i've been a long time user of torrents and have never really paid a whole lot of attention to these matters before. but...there are times (as i type this) that i'm seeding and the web tracker doesn't show me as doing so. i'm currently upping three seeds on this site and at least 1 isn't showing as doing so. also a few days ago i seeded overnight and my ratio didn't change, as if i didn't seed at all (although i know i did.)

fwiw, i'm using azureus 2.4.XXX. i don't think i have these probs at other trackers.

tia for any replies.

2007-02-23, 07:50 AM
looks like all is well - you are seeding out 4 shows :thumbsup