View Full Version : Burning VIDEO_TS on DVD

hebrew assassin
2007-02-21, 10:49 PM
Using Nero how do I burn this file onto the dvd to player it in a dvd player. Thanks.

2007-02-21, 11:02 PM
open nero burning rom (on the left side of nero smartstart)
choose "dvd video" and click "new". also select your dvd drive if it isn't showing already.
drop the entire contents of the VIDEO_TS folder into the box
click the icon thta looks like a match burning a disc then choose your speed and burn

hebrew assassin
2007-02-21, 11:04 PM

2007-02-22, 06:37 AM
you can also select "DVD-ROM (UDF)" as yer disc type
drag the following to the project window:
--AUDIO_TS folder [empty]
--VIDEO_TS folder [.ifo, .bup, and .vob files]
--EXTRAS_TS folder [put all other files in here--info .txt, md5 checksum, artwork, etc]

burn the disc...this allows you to keep all of the appropriate files for trading, such as yer info and checksum, but is also playable in most standalone DVD players