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2007-02-21, 01:21 PM
does anyone know why i have 2 dvd players, an old toshiba and a 2 year old sony, and neither of them play any of the dvds ive burned. my girlfriend has a shitty $75 dollar no name player that takes like a year to load a disc, yet it plays all of my dvds so far? are there different kinds of dvds or do i just not know what hell im doing. i told a buddy about a few discs ive burned and i have a feeling im gonna look like an ass when i bring these discs to his house and they don't work on his toshiba. please help? :wtf:

2007-02-21, 01:39 PM
the newer DVD players are more tolerant of home-burned stuff. if your $700 DVD player doesn't work, just get a $25 one and it will!

for the fussy players, you could try using all caps and no spaces or irregular characters for the title, burn as data with the VIDEO_TS folder and empty AUDIO_TS. I have a friend with a really old standalone and that is the only thing that will work. But better to keep the other stuff (info, checksums, art) in an EXTRAS_TS folder, that will play no probs on my cheapo standalone ($25).

2007-02-21, 02:21 PM
Hmmmm, well have you tried using both DVD+R and DVD-Rs? Many DVD players will play either one or the other. From my experience, most will accept the +R DVDs, as my Sony does, but I have friends who can only use -R DVDs in their players. If you haven't tried that it's worth a shot. Otherwise, a progressive scanning DVD player such as a Cyberhome can be bought at Circuit City or Best Buy for about 30-40$.
Plays any region, any brand, DVD, VCD, SVCD etc.

2007-02-21, 06:03 PM
your old players might not be able to play PAL format dvds. look back at the downloads you've made, and see which format they're in, NTSC or PAL.

2007-02-22, 03:24 AM
Buy a cheap on.

My roommates cost $300 & mine cost $30. Mine can play DVD-R, DVD+R, CDR, VCD, DVD, CD you name it. PAL. NTSC. ARCHIVED PHOTOS. I've had it for about 2 years or more.

Go out & buy a cheap one!

2007-02-22, 12:58 PM