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2007-02-20, 05:11 AM
Hi, I've been collecting audio/video bootlegs for a while, mainly Elliott Smith stuff and a few others. I've been doing it the complicated way up til now, using iTunes, dbpoweramp, nero, traders little helper and various other programs for conversion etc. I am looking for software for copying, editing, burning, converting. I see EAC is quite widely used. Which program is best for arranging and sorting my music (i now despise iTunes). Also, I am looking for software to extract audio from videos, and also where i can split a concert (whole mp3) into several mp3 tracks. I am looking to start over again completely, and want to make sure i do it the right way this time! Please help, cheers!


2007-02-20, 03:05 PM
im assuming this is for your ipod/portable player?

2007-02-20, 03:15 PM
yes, at the moment just for the ipod, its only 4gb so i need the compression. although in the future i may invest in an expensive sound system.

2007-02-20, 03:33 PM
as far as an alternative to itunes.....chk out anapod. it is a SWEET program. the program cost 30 bucks but dude pony up the cash, its worth it. i dont spend money EVER on programs but this was a rare exception. as far as ripping and such well i use EAC with lame installed to rip/encode cds where they are already in the wav format. for audio cds that have the FLAC or shn files on them i just use reg windows and copy the files onto my HD then use foobar2000 with lame installed to encode. as far as renaming the files well i just upload my songs one show at a time onto anapod then rename the files once they are on there.

2007-02-21, 06:43 AM
thanks for the reply, i may invest in the program after i check it out. need to sort everything out properly from the start. i have almost everything backed up on DVDs now so i'm gonna format my hard drive and start afresh (scary). Thinking of purchasing a new hard drive also, as my 80GB one is not sufficing anymore! Cheers.

Shopping list: anapod, EAC, foobar2000, new hard drive!