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2007-02-17, 05:10 PM
Hello, I am new to the dvd world and I have run into a problem with a show that I downloaded from this site,I mention that because I am sure that tis is not an official relase by the band....anyhow, when I use toast to decode this show it says that it is "CSS encrypted and cannot be coppied by Toast". I have not seen this before so I dont know what to do, I spent 4 dayswith the d/l and seed open to find it wont convert. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.(I am using a Mac if that helps)
Thanks. :(

2007-02-17, 05:22 PM
You know, I have heard of this error only once before. I'm not sure if the user posted the fix. What version of Toast are you using? And, you might want to also post about this in the thread where you got the torrent to see if anyone else has had similar problems.

(And you are right, no shows on this tracker are copies made of officially released shows.)

2007-02-17, 05:30 PM
Thanks for the Re:
I am using toast titanium 7. It has decoded anything that I have downloaded wihich is almost nothing. and yes I will find the posting and ask there. Thank you again.