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2007-02-17, 09:56 AM
I am kinda new to this stuff seeing that I just got high speed internet connection a few days ago. I have a port open in my firewall (6881). The problem is that when I am downloading I am not sure that people are able to upload from me. The program box is showing that people are uploading but the little triangle at the bottom of the program board is red or yellow and telling me that I dont have a port open which means they are not. When I started dowloading today from the den, I am firewalled.....I dont want that. When I go to the portfoward site I cant seem to find any info there to help me. So I am turning to the pros...you guys and gals. I really want to do my part. what am I doing wrong. hera are some specs...I am on embarq dsl using a sprint 660 series modem for my connection. I am running windowsxp and on my firewall in the exceptons tab under the utorrnet box I have port 6881 open. Please help...

2007-02-17, 10:49 AM
you need to browse to the "web configuration" page for your router. Open Internet Explorer, and browse to or try or it's usually gonna be something like this. YOu may need a username and password, and you may need to get this from your ISP depending on how they set all of this up on your router before mailing it to you. Also, look up the specs for your router (a.k.a. your "DSL modem") online to get some ideas for how to setup port forwarding. It's not that hard if you try.

2007-02-17, 01:40 PM
Welcome! I discovered several things that kept me from showing "all green". And, I will simply cut and paste my previous message in an effort to get things rolling. I hope you get some other input, because it is a little bit like the blind leading the blind... I am kinda new to this, too. Perhaps you to supply more info (Mac or PC, type of virus software, static or dynamic address, router type (if you have one)

I am by no means an expert at getting things set up (feel free to disregard my comments). The mods here are so helpful and I am sure resources exist right here at the Traders Den that would address your issues. I will share my resources in an effort to help.

You did not mention whether you have PC or Mac and you did not mention the router (wireless, etc). You may have already hit the portforwarding website http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm. If not, check it out!

Also be sure to open up the firewall if you are on windows xp http://gruven42.webhop.org/xpfwbt/xp_firewall_bt.htm.

...(I thought I needed this, but maybe not after reading other threads here at Traders Den) It was somewhat of a chore for me to properly set up a static IP. I trust you that you got that part covered. I used this site to steer me http://www.portforward.com/networking/staticip.htm.

Oh, regarding port forwarding on my router, my router mfr advised me to open the DMZ and this worked, but it was a mistake. Once I found the portforwarding website above I discovered that I would need the DNS Server #. So, I did have to call my ip for the DNS Server #. Once I had those numbers, I was good to go (Again, I am NOT suggesting using DMZ~!)
You will be chugging along before you know it. All the best!