View Full Version : Bad torrent file in my new post

2007-02-10, 12:49 AM
I just saw I can only get to 99.9% on my own torrent and I dont know how to remove the new seed I posted or change the torrent file I made.

Help! I'd like to avoid people trying to download this and getting stuck at 99.9%

I have an Invalid passkey now when I made a new one that does work. Can I change this somehow? :(

2007-02-10, 12:54 AM
I just reported it with the nice little ! triangle. Hope this is going to get pulled so I can redo it.

I guess I dont need any answers. sorry for the spam then.

2007-02-10, 01:06 AM

upload the new one that gets to 100%

also, to avoid the "bad passkey" message, please re-download the torrent from TTD when the new announce thread is created.

I pulled the old one for you