View Full Version : switching to utorrent...

barley masticus
2007-02-10, 01:19 AM
just wondering if there is an option to transfer all torrents if i switch from azureus to utorrent. my azureus is acting crazy!!!
i would like to give utorrent a shot, but don't want to lose all of my active torrents and get swamped with "reseed please" messages. is this possible?

2007-02-10, 01:29 AM
yeah, once you get utorrent installed just re-download the torrents from the associated threads, then point them to the correct directories and watch that it gets up to 100% then you're seeding. It shouldn't be too difficult to get it going.

2007-02-10, 02:08 AM
and even if it isn't a seed yet, it'll hash out what you have downloaded so far and continue from there.

barley masticus
2007-02-10, 05:04 PM