View Full Version : Firewalled--nothing works

Jeff B
2007-02-07, 09:13 PM
I have tried everything your site, portforwarding.com, utorrent, my modem manufacturer, and dsl provider has recomended--to eliminate my status as being firewalled. Nothing works.
Is it possible I may never be free of this status no matter what??
Can you see my port as being open??
Help me Obi-Wan, you are my only hope :hmm: !!

Jeff B
2007-02-07, 09:47 PM
I just checked the peer list for the download I am on and it says that my download rate and upload rate are both zero.
I AM downloading and uploading though???
What gives???

2007-02-07, 11:13 PM
If you have correctly set up a static IP (as outlined on portforward.com) and then followed the step-by-step instructions to forward your ports, then I'm not sure why you are still firewalled unless you are torrenting somewhere where you do not have access to the main router (work, university, etc). Is 63156 the port that was recommended to use? I just wonder because I don't recall seeing portforward recommending a port that high before.

As for your rates... you are downloading four shows at the moment. I'm not sure what your normal download and upload speeds are (have you ever done a speed test to see?), but you need to remember that it gets divided among all the torrents you are currently on. Two of yours showed about 5-10 up/down, the other two were below 5. Also, don't forget that the tracker only updates your stats every 40 minutes or so.

2007-02-08, 05:29 AM
Can be a firewall or port filtering set by your IP which you can't control :hmm:

Jeff B
2007-02-08, 05:24 PM
thank you

2007-02-08, 08:57 PM
Can be a firewall or port filtering set by your IP which you can't control :hmm:
wrong. This is the "sour grapes" ploy of the newb.

2007-02-14, 07:06 PM
similar issue. this tracker is calling me firewalled but no other one does (I use zonealarms and allow utorrent through). I've seen d/l speeds over 300 and u/l speeds over 200, so I don't think I'm firewalled. Wonder why I am being labelled as firewalled.

Jeff B
2007-06-02, 12:53 AM
Many thanks to all who had suggestions for a remedy to my dilema.
It turns out I had a corrupt copy of windows, that could not be fixed. I tried every Microsoft suggestion, but to no avail.
I installed a new copy of windows and used the advice of the moderators. On the first attempt I was not firewalled and my port was forwarded!!!!
Thank You all :lol: