View Full Version : vid IPOD i finnaly got it!!!!

2007-01-26, 07:45 PM
ok, ok, i know there has already been a few threads started for this but i think i found the BEST way so im strting a thread dedicated to this program.
the program is called Super, here is the link.
its a sweet program looks like MANY options as far as bit rates etc etc. for the vid ipod just choose ipod 5.5 as your output source and it will automatically choos all your settings to be compatible for ipod. i just successfuly converted->imported to itunes and then to the ipod and im watching it now. the whole process took about 40 min for 4 gigs of conversion. the only problem is i cant fig out how to get all the files in there for chapter selection etc, u might not be able to without re authoring or whatnot so im leaving that up to the more inclined here at the den, hopefully someone can fig that out.

one note, the program will not install correctly unles your display rez is set to 1024x768, well it will install i think but you wont be able to view it correctly, the bottom of the window will be cut off so the encode option will not be viewable, ok fellow ipod users, hope this works for ya