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2007-01-25, 07:07 AM
:hmm: which converter do you use?

2007-01-25, 08:55 AM
it isn't done... for what purpose do you need this? you will just wind up with a gigantic mp3.

2007-01-25, 10:29 AM
this is not possible? to tell you the truth i want to convert some mp3's and upload them onto a certain website because people have been requesting some of the albums i have but they want them in FLAC format .. . . if it is possible. . . how can it be done?

if it cant be done .. . is that why mp3 is callled lossy format?

2007-01-25, 10:43 AM
Well, it *can* be done, but you would gain nothing. You would be taking something lossy, your mp3, and blowing it up into a huge file, the flac. Flac is usually used to seed lossless files. If you made your mp3 into a flac file, you would still have a lossy file only it would be about 6 times the size of your mp3.

When someone says they want it in flac format, you can be pretty sure that what they are really saying is they want the show in a *lossless* format, not a lossy format, such as mp3. So, I would tell those people that they show you have is in mp3, not a lossless format, and so you really can't share it in flac format.

2007-01-25, 12:09 PM

:hmm: ... NO! :nono:

:lol someone who downloaded 200+gb at TTD should know the purpose of FLAC and the relation of FLAC to mp3

2007-01-25, 12:38 PM
welll i reallly dont know much. . . to be honest . . . i only download dvd's from ttd and i am just learning about the intracies of file sharing . . . sorry,,,, i was just curious. . . and my ratio is pretty good so dont get all upity about my ignorance,,,, just teach me

so, what is the purpose of FLAC files? ... . is it that they have better sound quality? that thye can be converterd into many different file types? ie wav?

2007-01-25, 12:45 PM
it's an exact copy of the recording.. no data is lost.

here, read this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLAC)

2007-01-25, 12:46 PM
I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to come off as uppity, I am just trying to teach you.

A flac (or shn or ape) file is a way to convert a wav file to a smaller, but still lossless, file and then share those files. A 5 minutes wav file could be about 50 MB. A flac file of that same wav file could be about 30 MB, so that is only about 60% of the size. But, that flac file when converted back to wav will be exactly the same as the original wav file. So, this is all lossless. An mp3 of that original wav file can be about 5 MB, so about 10% of the original size. However, if you then convert that mp3 back to a wav file, it WILL NOT be exactly the same. You will miss a lot of the high frequencies of that wav file. This is why mp3s are LOSSY, not lossless like a flac file.

Does that explain it a little bit better? Feel free to keep asking questions and I'll try my best to explain it.

2007-01-25, 12:53 PM
well, FLAC/SHN/APE is Lossless(= compressed WAV). you can do FLAC > mp3 (you decrease quality, as only about 1/10 of the actual WAV file remains in the mp3 file= 9/10 of the original file will get deleted, 90% of the people is probably not able to notice the difference between mp3 and wav, but anyways, information/data is being deleted and if converted back, this information will still be missing)

but you cannot do mp3 > FLAC, i mean you can but its pointless as mp3 is lossy and when converted to wav there is no quality increase, say its the same quality but the filezize will be bigger. if people say they want FLAC then they mean the want a propper cd rip and not an mp3 sourced disc.

Note: you can take an original $100 bill(FLAC) and copy it on green paper to make it look like a perfect copy(mp3), but you cannot use the copied 100 bucks bill to make and original out of it!!!

2007-01-25, 01:37 PM
It's sometimes referred to as a "bloated" file.
It's the same as if you were to convert an MP3 file from 128kbps to 320kbps. It's not going to sound any better. It's just going to be bigger.
A flac or a wav file would be bigger still, but it's still going to sound the same as the original file.
You can't step up in quality. You can only step down.

2007-01-25, 07:01 PM
thanks everyone for curing my ignorance. . . i feel better :D . .. that is all so clear and good to know, , , i dotn want to screw anyone and make them think i am uploading flac if it is not truly flac. . . thanks again!

2007-01-26, 12:34 PM
FLAC is FLAC, it just depends on what kind of .wav you start with. If you start with a .wav that was created from a (shitty) .mp3 file, then the .flac you make out of the .wav will look (freq. and spectral analysis) and sound (no highs - cymbals sound like they are made out of plastic) like shit. Is this more clear? :lol: