View Full Version : WINAMP?

2007-01-21, 11:10 AM
anyone use it? looking for some feedback. wonderin if it conflicts with any burnin software or other apps by windows. am i wrong assuming that its a media player that plays flac and shn files

2007-01-21, 11:24 AM
If you take a look at our Software FAQ (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=new_faq_item#faq_software), there are three applications listed to play shn/flac and winamp is listed. However, foobar2000 is recommended (although I've heard it isn't as 'pretty' as the others).

2007-01-21, 11:38 AM
it has plug-ins you can install that'll play flac/shn...but after Five turned me on to Foobar2000, i never used winamp again

2007-01-21, 01:30 PM
I still use a hot-rodded WinAmp 2.81 but wouldn't really recommend it as the most simple option.

there's a tutorial about winamp configuration I wrote a long time ago here:

no probs with the program, only thing is v5 might be "phoning home" without asking for permission and has no added benefits that I use, so I stick with the retro model.

2007-01-21, 09:37 PM
big thanks! it seems this is gonna make life alot easier now that i dont hafta convert flac/shn to wav just to listen