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Mad The Swine
2007-01-21, 10:59 AM

i am currently seeding a dvd but i have just noticed that i am not down as the seeder but as a leecher, i presume then that my upload rate will not be going up, is there anything i can do to change this as i currently have about 100 people downloading from me, and i really would like to get my upload rate closer to my download rate. I hope somebody can help. The torrent file was created by Utorrent and i am using Utorrent to seed the file.

thanks in advance


2007-01-21, 11:39 AM
which show in particular...can you post a link

Mad The Swine
2007-01-21, 02:00 PM

here ya go



2007-01-21, 02:05 PM
You aren't showing as a leecher there either. Did you make sure to download your personalized torrent from the thread in order to seed? If you didn't, then you may be connecting via DHT which bypasses the tracker and site and will not update your stats at all. I would stop your torrent, delete it from your bittorrent client, download the torrent from the thread, and then start that new torrent and see if you show up.

Mad The Swine
2007-01-22, 02:04 AM
Thank you, i will give it a go. looks like i've lost 4gigs worth of uploads. D'oh ! :wave:

2007-01-22, 11:01 AM
Hey Mad, when you get it figured out (and I'm pretty sure it is the DHT thing) then post back here on how much you 'lost' in your stats and I can update your stats manually.