View Full Version : help with Windows Media Center

2007-01-21, 10:07 AM
I just got a new computer, and I have never created dvd's before. The program that the computer is using is Windows Media Center.

I have tried for about an hour to add videos, but to no avail. I downloaded a Tom Waits show from here, and am trying to burn it to dvd.

Any help is appreciated

2007-01-21, 12:15 PM
Nobody knows.

Is there another program that I should use? It's like the media center isn't recognizing that I have dvd files, if that makes any sense.

2007-01-21, 12:36 PM
I googled "Windows Media Center VIDEO_TS" hoping to come up with some hits on how to create a DVD from a VIDEO_TS folder, but I got nothing. Is there no Help file that comes with it?

2007-01-21, 01:01 PM
I have never heard of anyone trying to use windows media center to burn video dvds... maybe it cant

2007-01-21, 01:10 PM
I tried looking at the help page, but it is very vague.

It can burn dvd's, it has a menu for it. What does everyone else use, should I just use something else?

2007-01-21, 01:24 PM
you can try downloading the free trial of nero and see if that helps. I have been using a mac now so im getting rusty with my memory of windows