View Full Version : seeding with Burst!

2007-01-18, 09:20 AM
Hi,can someone help me out? I am using Burst! And once I download a flie it seeds it but if I turn off my computer and close Burst! Wwhich I do everynight it doesent restart the file to seed it when I reopen Burst! It will reopen files that I am leeching however. Can someone please tell me how to seed a file using Burst! Once I download it or perhaps suggest another Torrent client that is easy to use. I found Burst! to be the simplest out of other torrent programs I found like Azureus and bit comet . I use Windows XP.

2007-01-18, 09:50 AM
switch to a better program

2007-01-18, 10:18 AM
paulramon, many PC users really like utorrent: http://www.utorrent.com/ I would suggest trying that one out.

2007-01-18, 10:25 AM
if your looking for simple try "Bit Torrent" (http://www.bittorrent.com/download.html)

2007-01-19, 08:22 AM
Thanks Guys. I loaded utorrent last night, seems to have solved my problem not sure if the program is better though.