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2007-01-08, 06:42 AM

I would like to share my multiple sources of The doors Danbury highschool performances. Some of these are from this forum, others came from elsewhere. I have spent much time in sorting and checking everything, so I think some people would like to have this. I wil share the info files here, can anyone check if this is okay to share here?

Greetz, Aernout

2007-01-08, 09:57 AM
I am unsure what this part of your lineage means:


Are you saying you got the flac or shns, burned to an audio CD, and then extracted to wav and made flac files again?

2007-01-08, 10:18 AM
Yeah, well that is part of my "anal" sorting. I convert everything I get to FLAC for easy play in winamp plus better compression. I always attach a file where you can see what the files were called originally.

2007-01-08, 10:28 AM
in that case what you need to do is check the fingerprints against your recompressed FLAC files, if the old ffp verifies okay with the newly compressed FLAC files then there is no change whatsoever to the audio content. However, any tags or non-audio data will be lost in the process. But if the audio is identical & verified using fingerprints then there is no generational loss whatsoever from FLAC>WAV>FLAC and would be allowed.

2007-01-08, 10:31 AM
How can there be any loss when I convert to wav and back to flac? The resulting file would be unplayable?

2007-01-08, 10:35 AM
an error could occur during recompression (and possibly the file would still be playable as well)

99% chance it will be okay. you have the original ffp for verification purposes, just run it in TLH & if it fails then we can cook up some theories as to wtf happened there.

2007-01-08, 10:40 AM
That would be a problem. I don't have the original files (only the filenames), and there is not always a file for fingerprints. Second, how would I check this when it's shn to wav to flac?

Anyway, it would be way to much work to check this also. So that would mean I can't upload it here?

2007-01-08, 10:46 AM
st5 checksums will be the same whether the format is shn, ape, flac or wav.

if you don't have the original checksums then it is better if you don't share them. the original files are out there and it is better not to have variant sets that are not verified identical unless it is a different transfer/source.

from the txt file I can see that three of them are from ttd. it will be pretty easy to track down the fingerprints for those as they will either be posted on the site or somebody who was on those vines can generate st5 for you and pm it over. when you get the checksums I can show you any necessary tweaks to get TLH to read them (eg if you've gone shn>wav>flac you will need to change ".shn" to ".flac" in the st5 and then it will find the files and hopefully verify perfectly).

better just to keep a backup of the original data files, what with cdrs being only $0.02 each these days!

2007-01-08, 10:50 AM
What's TLH?

2007-01-08, 10:54 AM
Trader's Little Helper ... see the "checksums demystified" link below in my signature for a tutorial. its a piece of cake to use, essential software for traders.