View Full Version : how to make a menu to a video? HELP!!!

2007-01-08, 05:42 AM
I downloaded the Black Sabbath 1970 Paris show from another fellow site (jamtothis), before this video beeing banned due to technical reasons (the picture is shaky when you try to watch it on DVD) as the mods explained there. I made in time to get it and i am happy as it is the best version ever available, the uploader did an excellent job in optimizing the picture quality. The original thread is also cancelled so i cannot find him.
I found a way to fix this problem transferring the video to nero digital and it is solved.
The main problem is that the menu is no longer functional so i need to make a new one. Sure, i can make one with nero, but i would love to make a better one using some other software. Any ideas?
I need some free and easily downloadable so to finish this and upload my first torrent here.

many thanks in advance

2007-01-08, 05:59 AM
1. a low-gen, non-error transfer of that particular show is already widely circulating, so there isn't any reason for you to go thru all the trouble of a reauthor--which is a fairly complicated process, especially if its done in a "lossless" manner that would make it acceptable to upload here at the Den...

2. but to answer your ? anyway--i would avoid using Nero for anything other than maybe burning discs [and ONES beats it hands down for that ;) ]...it's processors/compressors are poor quality and will lead to degradation...just so you know

as for menus & authoring, about the only prog worth a mention thats cheap would be TMPGEnc [~$90US]...everything else is pushing into the pro-sumer level and is gonna run you into the hundreds-of-dollars range