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2006-12-31, 12:19 PM
What program can I use to remove the gaps?
I have CEP2 (30 days expired) & Audacity.

2006-12-31, 12:23 PM
Can use a program called CDWAVE. It automatically cuts on sector boundaries so you won't introduce sector boundary errors when you trim off the gaps.

2006-12-31, 12:29 PM
what you really need to do is rejoin all of the files, carefully cut out the gaps, listen carefully to each cut using undo/redo several times and also look in spectral view for any subtle pops you might have introduced in the process. then re-cut the show with cdwave or by cutting each song from audacity with the align on cdda sectors enabled or else cut in roughly the correct places and fix the sbes using TLH/shntool etc. if you delete in such a way as not to introduce sbes from the start, it will be too coarse to get it right (a sector is 588 samples).

2006-12-31, 02:03 PM
Thanks, if I can't get it, I'll be back

2006-12-31, 02:08 PM
^^^ This is the way.

You don't remove the gaps, as in select the area and 'remove silence' - you must carefully edit each track segue one you join the entire disc as a single WAV file.

CEP2 / Abode Audition will cut on boundaries, as well. Also, you can just cut them was you want and save as wavs.

There are a few ways to do this...

What I do is (it's faster than it looks typed out):
Edit the entire thing in CEP2 until the transition gaps are gone and smooth. ZOOM WAY IN and get it right - make the wave form seam at a natural place - no giant jumps from high to low, etc.

Save the finished bulk .WAV, then save again with a differnet name as a work file (so you can start over if you screw up)

Then, in single track mode, with the whole master track loaded in:
1-> Start at the beginning and place the cursor line where you want the second track to start. Hold SHIFT and press HOME. This will select the first track EXACTLY as you want it.

2-> FILE -> Save Selection As...

3-> 01 - name of first track.WAV

Once you save that, it'll return you to the CEP wav edit screen.

4-> Press delete to delete the info you just saved as the first track.

5-> now, return to step #1 above, do the 2nd track (place cursor at beginning of third), then 4th track (mark beginning of 5th), etc.
The SHIFT-HOME thing assures that you don't miss any data. Don't try to drag a manual selection! Place the cursor at the end of each track and SHIFT-HOME.

Do the whole thing and you are done.

Load all the WAV tracks in winamp or something and check the transitions. If you are happy with the way they transition, set the "align on sector boundaries" option and encode as a group with FLAC Frontend. Works just as well and you can't tell the splices have been shifted.

2006-12-31, 10:13 PM
Thanks James