View Full Version : Can't Reseed for some reason

2006-12-29, 11:11 PM
Sorry to be a bother about this.
I am attempting to reseed Jewels and Binoculars, cos some people requested it today. I went through all the steps - created my .torrent file w/ Azureus, filled out all the pertinent info on the "Upload Audio" page, uploaded my .torrent file and hit upload. Now I don't see the tracker announcing my seed, and when I check my User CP, under attachments, I see my .torrent file, but it says "Thread Post: N/A" and under Date it says "In Progress".

Does this make sense to anyone? I spoke with Mamba about it and s/he said there shouldn't be a lag in the announcement, so I am confused.

The torrent file I am attempting to up is named "1966 Jewels and Binoculars (26 CD Set) RESEED.torrent"

After waiting about an hour the first time, the .torrent file just disappeared.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Mattstrike

2006-12-30, 12:31 AM
We got it working now..... It turns out that the text for that post was waaaaaaay too long (think of 26 CDs worth of song titles and fingerprints) and so the thread wasn't getting created.

2006-12-30, 07:30 AM