View Full Version : how to hop on & help seed...

2006-12-29, 04:33 PM
how does one help seed...have dvd but what steps to take to help out the seeders..?

2006-12-29, 04:38 PM
Well, if it's a DVD, you first need to copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your harddrive. You also need to find out the name of the folder that the show is supposed to be in. You can ask in the thread, or you can start the torrent and it will create the folder for you. Then, stop the torrent, put the VIDEO_TS folder in there (replace the one created by the torrent) and start the torrent again. You will then have to do a Force Recheck (usually right-click on the torrent and it is an option). It will then check your files and download the text file and md5s and then you will go into seed mode.

2006-12-29, 04:52 PM
i guess i don't understand the force check...i am using bittorrent 4.4.1..am i going to do the force check there.?

2006-12-29, 06:21 PM
hey bigwurock :wave:
I usually click the torrent>
it makes the folder>
stop the download>
copy DVD files into folder>
remove torrent from "torrent application">
re-select the torrent from the site>
it auto-checks the files>
adds MD5 or text (that is usually missing)> then seeds

hope that makes sense & thanks for all the great christmas dead shows you seeded :thumbsup