View Full Version : How do i make an Avatar move?

2005-01-29, 12:45 PM
I want to know how to make a moving avatar, the one i have right now someone made for me, but i wanna learn how to do it my self, any help?

2005-01-29, 12:54 PM
you have to use some gif-animating tool

2005-01-29, 01:11 PM
It's not easy.

2005-01-29, 01:19 PM
how hard is not easy?

2005-01-29, 01:29 PM
what program do i need, i am determined to learn...

2005-01-29, 01:57 PM
Are you familiar at all with Adobe Photoshop/Image Ready?
If so you can use PS to create a multi-layered .psd then jump over to IR to set the frame rate and optimize it for web and save it as an animated .gif.
It's EZ if you have access and are familiar with the app. I do graphics and such for a living, so that's the only reason I have software of that expense.
Hope this was helpful. :)

2005-01-29, 11:29 PM
freeware prog (but it's microsuck!)

2005-01-30, 10:20 AM
ok i know how to use PS from my photo class at school, so once i have a multi layered image, what do i have to do in IR?

2005-02-04, 09:46 PM
ok i know how to use PS from my photo class at school, so once i have a multi layered image, what do i have to do in IR?

You are going to learn how to create an animated gif using photoshop to create the main image, and then jumping to ImageReady to animate it!.

Step 1: Create a new 400x150 document with a transparent background. Since this is a tutorial about animated gifs, I'm not going to get to fancy with the image. Apply a red-black gradient for the background, and create some white text. I used the arial font for my text at size 36. Move the text to the left.

Step 2: Click the jump to image ready button (located at the bottom of the main toolbar) to launch imageready with your image already loaded into it.

Step 3: Once you are in imageready, open up the animation window by going Window > Animation. You should now see one slide of your picture. Set the text's opacity to 0% and then click create duplicate frame in the animation window. You should now see two slides/frames of your image.

Step 4: Make sure you have the second frame selected, and then change the text's opacity to 100% and move it to the far right. Now select the first frame and click the tween animation frame button (the button with four circles). Set it up like this:

Step 5: You should now see that Imageready has added quite a bit more frames in the animation window. To test your animated gif out, just press the play button. To save it as an animated gif, go to File > Save Optimized As..... and save it as a gif! That's it, you're all done!

Hey Now Evan811! I got this info from this site:

Because I suck at typing, but it's pretty easy especially after you do a couple of 'em. Hope this helps.
Peace Brotha.
-Jerm :rasta:

2005-02-04, 10:04 PM
that helps alot!!
Thanks so much Jerm...
ill be a pro in no time.

2005-02-04, 10:10 PM
You can also open up an mpeg right into Image Ready, strip out half the frames or more to get the file size down, and crop it to the approprate dimension. If you already know how to use PS than it should be a piece of cake to figure out. Then you can get an avatar from just about any video you want. It's a little easier than propogating the frames from layers in PS. :wave:

2005-03-01, 11:01 PM
Hi guys,

when I try to open an mpeg file in Image Ready, its wont let me "play" the file. It appears to have only imported the first frame. Any help on this?