View Full Version : firewalled - portforwarding doesnt help

2006-12-22, 02:43 PM
Hi, I have tried portforward.com and I have a trouble:

1. there is not my router in the list (I have COREGA FSW - 16A and there is only Corega BARSD or whatever)

2. I tried million times everything - I set up the bittornado which i use, but it all collapses on static ip adress. I do everything (start the command window, get all the addresses and things) but the ip address I get from it dont work (internet works fine, but when I type the static ip adress it shows nothing - no passport wanted, no setup shit... just "CANT find the page window")

can someone help me with it?

Thank you a million tiemes! :wave:

2006-12-24, 12:19 PM
Can you log onto your router at all (usually enter into your browser window)? Does it have a tab that says Advanced or Gaming or Forwarding? Does your router look at all like the Corega BARSD one on portfording.com?

Did you follow the instructions on portforward.com to set your static (local) IP? You need to set this up in order for the forwarding to work. You need to be able to access your router and disable DHCP (or set it to only use DHCP for an IP range that doesn't include your computer IP).

(Also, I noticed you are a student, are you trying to do this from the university or are you offsite? If you are at the university, it may not be possible to forward your ports.)

2006-12-25, 10:47 AM
Thank you for helping me out of red.

My case is this: My mom has a tiny private basic school, where is a computer class, where Im now :) It has 10computers within the net running under a router, or I guess its a router, hell what do I know, but there is modem and something else it says corega and there are net conectors stuck in it.

Yes I followed all the instructions to set my static ip, but when I enter it to my browser, nothing happens.