View Full Version : DAT to Mac - Can I use a Firewire input?

2006-12-21, 09:38 PM
I have a considerable DAT collection, with a few masters that are the only recordings from a few shows. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital input on my Mac, other than a Firewire. I have a Sony PCM R-500 with a coaxial output. If I am able to have a cable custom-made to connect one to the other, will it work? If not, I'm going to have to find someone to do transfers for me. Thanks to all of you for your help! :hmm:

2006-12-22, 05:18 AM
i'm pretty sure you won't be able to have a cable made that'll go coax > firewire

you'll either need to pick up a audio soundcard that has a coax in, or use an A/D converter [such as the UA5 or similar]