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2006-12-20, 07:13 PM
Wondering if I need to decode the torrent files like I do with 16bit audio(flac, shn, etc...) Any tips otherwise would also help thank.

2006-12-20, 07:15 PM
You simply burn the entire VIDEO_TS folder as 1 file to a blank.

If you're on a pc, use the link in my sig and get ONES. :thumbsup

2006-12-20, 07:35 PM
for advanced users, the better "EXTRAS_TS" method is detailed in the "Checksums Demystified" link in my signature

ps do a search for this, this is thread #100 here on this topic

2006-12-20, 07:48 PM
Thank you. My next question would be about dual layer. My Burner can do it, but do I need special discs. From what I'm gathering NTSC has to be dual layer

2006-12-21, 05:48 AM
yes you need Dual Layer DVDRs [aka DVD9 discs] which have a capacity of 8.5GB as opposed to a single layer DVDR which holds 4.7GB

NTSC is a broadcast format, and has nothing to do with the type of discs used [read through the Glossary in our FAQ for more info]