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happy child
2006-12-19, 01:22 AM
Is there a way to make a list of my many, MANY shows on hard disc? I know there must be a way to do this w/out typing all those dates.
Please help!

2006-12-19, 05:42 AM
Sure, there's an easy way if you know you DOS commands.
Say all your shows are in the following folder: c:\myshows

Press the Start button --> Run... --> type in: cmd.exe --> Press OK
You will get a DOS prompt.
Type in:
cd c:\myshows
dir > mylistofshows.txt

Open the mylistofshows.txt file and all the folders will be listed.

happy child
2006-12-24, 01:24 AM
:clap: Sweet!
Thanks, that makes thing ssooo much easier, you wouldn't believe how long I've been trying to figure that out.
I suppose that probably doesn't work on all the sub-folders, still a huge time saver though. :wave:

2006-12-24, 03:42 AM
I use this:

you can pick different options, file, folder, subfolder, etc....

2006-12-24, 06:19 AM
i use Directory Lister
its site seems to be dead, but i can mail this program to anybody (it's freeware)

2006-12-24, 07:27 AM
Perhaps this tool was created for you ?

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