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2006-12-18, 06:05 PM
Hi folks im new to Traders Den so apologies in advance if this has been covered already.
I was after advice when it comes to seeding torrents. I have downloaded a video bootleg which is ace cheers traders den and decideded i would seed, im using bittornado but not sure how to seed it.
if im uploading which i have left it doing! and uploaded the more than the size of this file is this just as good....just want to keep everyone happy and feel its only fair as i myself wouldnt have had this gig if it werent for you guys and gals out there.


2006-12-18, 06:31 PM
from what I can see you're not uploading anything that's on the ttd tracker. are you connected right now?

2006-12-19, 10:58 AM
if anyone can let me know if this is working that would be great.
Not sure the best way to seed i have the complete torrent open just now although dont think anyone is uploading i kno it could be as no one needs the torrent just now, but i just want to know if this is the way to seed?

probably doin something wrong but thanx for any info.

2006-12-19, 12:26 PM
If you look at your profile (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/member.php?userid=143119), there is a table you may click open that says "Current Activity on Tracker". Both Five and I have looked there and you are not listed as currently being connected to any torrent. What torrent do you think you are seeding?

2006-12-20, 11:00 AM
Sorry about this im greener than green when it come to seeding ive never seeded before but realy wanted to do my bit instead of just downloading then forgetting all about evryone else.
I noticed on my profile it has 3.12GB in blue i take it this is what i have downloaded and the 3.19GB in green is what i have uploaded no?
i read about ratios etc and how you should keep to a 1.1 ratio.
so if this is my ratio is all ok.

thanks again Five and U2lynne i'll get this...........eventually : )

2006-12-20, 11:17 AM
Your tracker stats are currently: (3.12 GB/3.19 GB/1.02)

Downloaded: 3.12 GB
Uploaded: 3.19 GB
Ratio: 1.02

It looks like you are doing your part so far! :clap:

2006-12-20, 12:28 PM
Phew!! cool thanks for your help.
i understand now how the uploading works.

Thanks again!