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2006-12-17, 05:27 PM
I don't know why Easy CD-DA Extractor 10 Can't make a DVD of

Shinedown 2006-12-09 BI-LO Center -- Greenville, SC (24-bit) (FLAC)


Staind 2006-12-09 BI-LO Center -- Greenville, SC (24-bit) (FLAC)

When I try to load a song on it. it shuts down the program And it gives an error with Staind

So What went wrong?
Is there a way to put these concerts on a 80min CD

ALSO seeing this program Will not work what is a good program for 24-bit Flac

And by the way Easy CD-DA Extractor 10 is one of the best Flac programs I have ever used

So please Help me :hmm:

Also The Concert Sound Great on Winamp

2006-12-17, 07:52 PM
Do I need a special type of DVD?

2006-12-17, 08:02 PM
I believe 24-bit is for video or leave it on your computer,
so you can listen to it. 16-bit is for cd's, you can burn them
and listen in your car. That's about all I know.
read this:http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30592

2006-12-17, 09:20 PM
Do I have to turn the flac Files in to wav.? and what's the best software. is there anyone out there who deals with the (24-bit flac) tell me what I need and what they do with it?

2006-12-17, 11:54 PM

2006-12-18, 10:56 AM
Basic 24 bit FAQ (http://24bit.turtleside.com/)
24-bit "audio-only" dvd-video: Lplex (http://audioplex.sourceforge.net/)