View Full Version : firewall ?

2006-12-13, 11:58 AM
Why is it that I am firewalled for some torrents and not others? It only happens on this tracker, never any others. I only run one torrent at a time as well. Any thoughts? Thanks, Willipie

2006-12-13, 12:25 PM
Are you always using the same port and sometimes it shows up as firewalled and sometimes not? If you are positive you are not firewalled (go to canyouseeme.org to see), then stop the torrent and then start it again.

Just an FYI, but this tracker only checks to see if you are firewalled when you first connect to the tracker. Sometimes it gives a false firewalled message. However, your bittorrent client will continue to try to connect to anyone and if you really aren't firewalled, it will know it and thus connect to the maximum number of people it can.