View Full Version : Need help, is this lossy?

2005-01-28, 12:23 AM
I got this boot, but I think it may be from an MP3 source cause of those blocks you see when zoomed in. What do you guys think? It's supposed to be a direct rip from the silvers and it's a soundboard recording.


2005-01-28, 12:39 AM
This is 100% lossy-sourced. It could be vbr mp3 but to me it looks more like MD.

lego = lossy

2005-01-28, 12:44 AM
What is this show?

2005-01-28, 12:47 AM
So lego = lossy all the time huh.... thanks, that info will help me.

Oh and the bootleg is from 1990 (I forgot to mention), it's an Aerosmith show I got somewhere else :rolleyes: So I'm guessing this has got to be MP3. Were MDs around 15 years ago (I doubt it?).

2005-01-28, 04:34 AM

Nope, mp3s weren't really around 15 years ago, and neither were md recorders (which started to appear in 1992/1993 iirc), but it's still possible that someone stored the show on a minidisc before it was put on a bootleg cd. I've seen that kind of thing more than once, though the shows in question were always rather recent (1998 and newer).

Do you have any idea when the actual bootleg was produced? (I guess 1990 is the date of the show on it)

2005-01-28, 12:48 PM
how can you tell by looking at that image if a song is lossy or not?

2005-01-28, 01:27 PM
Can't be sure, but I guess the bootleg was produced in 1990. It's from a label, Shamrock Records. I'm thinking maybe the original source was not silver CDs, maybe CDs obtained through a trade. And those CDs come from an MP3 source. Only explanation I see, cause it's for sure lossy and it can't be a MD recording :hmm:

>how can you tell by looking at that image if a song is lossy or not?
When you zoom in at around 2 secs, and you notice square blocks at the top there, that's lossy (I learned that from Five :D )

2005-01-29, 08:18 PM
if it wasn't lossy it would be lines instead of blocks??

2005-01-29, 08:35 PM
Hey will, have you ever looked at this (http://www.audiohub.org/get/fa/fa.htm)? It's a nice read and it explains some of this stuff. Blocky means lossy, from what I have learned, but it wouldn't be smooth, it would be more spiky if it was lossless. I actually learn a lot by reading these threads and listening to the 'experts'. One of these days we may even have our own tutorial put together about this stuff....

Five! Hey Five!!!!! :D

2005-01-29, 11:25 PM

It's in the works!