View Full Version : Pulled torrents history

2006-12-09, 04:29 PM
I would like to see a record kept of pulled torrents. Unless I'm missing something, the forum threads are removed after one week. Sometimes a torrent I have already downloaded seems to have been pulled, and I would like a way to (a) make sure it was pulled, and (b) know the reason why.

2006-12-10, 10:10 AM
in the user control panel under options go to thread age cut off and select show all threads you may see a few more?


2006-12-10, 08:14 PM
Interesting. If I change the setting, I get 14 threads instead of 8, but nothing older than 11/24/06. The sticky in the subforum specifically says the following:

Pulled torrents will stay here, inactive, for a week. Users and seeders can view them, and make corrections to their seed to try again, or read why we have not accepted the seed for that period of time. After this, they will be purged from our database.

2006-12-10, 08:44 PM
Well, as the notice says, pulled torrents stay in the forum for a week so that people can see why they were pulled. I'm sometimes lazy and don't get around to deleting the torrents until three or four (or five or six) weeks later. So, as you are seeing, there are pulled torrents still in the forum that are older than a week.

If you downloaded a torrent and suddenly can't find the thread (and you are checking the forums a few weeks later), then you can be sure the torrent was pulled. We just don't feel a need to leave those threads around for several weeks. We felt that one week was plenty of time for the seeder to view what went wrong or for a downloader to see why a torrent isn't completing.