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2006-12-05, 06:26 PM
OK, I Extracted mpeg2's from a DVD, synced video with wav audio, redered video in Vegas 7 as elementary streams, also rendered audio as separate wav files. I used dvd lab 2 for authoring, but if the video seems to be too slow. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the original DVD. It's Phish 12/6/1996 partial set 2. Has anyone ever worked on this before? I really wanted to post it tonight, but I guess it's not gonna happen. It is driving me NUTS! I've repeated steps many times with the same results. Anyone have any ideas??? :hmm:

also, the video seems worse when I skip to chapters i created. The original DVD had 4 titles
1 Llama
2 /simple- Good times bad times (adeline)
3 Harpua
4 Suzy

I tried it as 4 titles, 5 titles (good times as it's own), and as one title.

2006-12-05, 08:49 PM
shit man, I dunno

is it like that on the original dvd?

might you have accidentally stretched it in vegas?

I think you'd have to hold down ctrl and drag the video to even do that though

2006-12-05, 09:15 PM
it plays fine in vegas pre rendering. it's like the video is 10 FPS or something. Most of it plays fine if I start from the beginning of a title. I've been working on the same issues for 3 or 4 weeks. It is my first project to completion. Perhaps I'll try rendering something else I'm working on tonight to see if it's operator error! :hmm: