View Full Version : Bad Trader: Micky77

2006-12-05, 02:28 PM
We set up a trade of 7 DVDs about 2 months ago. He said that he would send his stuff on October 18th. So did I.

What followed was a long period of silence.

I pmed him again on Nov 13th to ask if he had received my package. He confirmed that on Nov 14th and said that he was busy but would send the next day.
I didn't receive anything.

All 3 pms I sent him afterwards (Nov 14th, Nov 27th, Dec 4th) remained unread until today. He was last active here today, so he had the chance to react...
But he had the nerves to ask me for a trade on U2-forum.com, obviously not realising that he already was in the process of ripping me off.

So guys, beware of Michael Schuetz from Austria.