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2006-12-03, 09:36 PM
Im very new to torrents and file sharing and im having problems with the firewall. The first torrent i downloaded was fine but the second one said that i was maybe being firewalled and then on this website it says im firewalled also. I've read all of the stuff they have on firewalls and im still lost on how to get rid of it. Can anyone please help me out? :)

2006-12-03, 10:39 PM
portforward.com is your first step...follow the instructions for forwarding your ports

2006-12-03, 10:42 PM
Which client do you use?
Look at your port number on it and forward it on your router.
I think you can access your router's web and change your settings as well on here:

or here:

Look for some option as Port Forwarding, or NAPT, or similar, and add the port of your client to the list.

Hope it helps.

2006-12-04, 01:14 AM
I had tried portforward.com and got to a page where they had a list of all these modems and i dont even know what my modem is because the box it came in just has a picture of it and says data modem and im pretty sure that thats not the name of the modem.

I use BitTorrent. I was able to find the port number but i dont know how to forward it to the router and i tried those links but they didnt work and said that the page could not be displayed.

Any more ideas how i can get rid of the firewall?

2006-12-04, 03:20 AM
Look for a label on the modem like this


2006-12-04, 03:24 PM
The best solution will be contact your ISP asking for help, they should tell you wich url you need to access your router settings through the internet in order to forward your ports properly.
I forward my ports with the CD I have for installing my router or through my web.
You should have this option (web) as well.
If you have a CD to install the router, look there some option as Forwarding ports, or similar. If not, ask your ISP for the link to your router web.
Oh, the ports issue is a pain in the ass, really, but you will find a solution at last. Good luck! :)

2006-12-04, 06:39 PM
Thanks so much everyone for the help!!! it really helped me get the firewall off. Now it says that my ports are open. :)