View Full Version : what are the best cdr's to use

2005-01-25, 10:20 PM
it is just a question. i thought that someone out ther might have a good answer.

i use TDKs only. and sometimes sony
i have heard that memorex and maxell are no good.
a friend of mine who has about 1400 grateful dead concerts (all on disc) has told me many times that the best type of cdr is TDK
is this true?
are there really any differences?
are there any scientific studies on this topic ( :rolleyes: :rolleyes: )lmao

thank you..........

2005-01-26, 07:08 PM
here's a good place for some scientific info. http://www.cdmediaworld.com/hardware/cdrom/cd_cdr_info.shtml
Basic story:
Tayo Yuiden purchased directly online are considered very high quality and I don't think anyone has said anything bad about them ever.
There are two main cd-r manufacturing plants right now where nearly every big company buys their discs from. One is Japan and one in Taiwan. The one is Japan produces high-quality discs, the ones from Taiwan, not so high quality (supposedly). Most produced (or all? not 100% sure) in Japan are actually made by Tayo Yuiden and rebranded by whatever company buys them (FUJI sells these Japan-made TY discs).
So as long as the brand name says made in Japan, you are golden. Now, companies some rotate too. I think TDK is starting to use switch from Japanese to Taiwanese and Indian discs now so, it some people's eye's they have kinda taken a step backwards.
Just check the label when you buy.
Personally, I find that Maxell are great discs but whatever.
In most cases, this whole quality thing isn't backed by a whole lot of scientific fact, just personal experience: how many coasters you get, have you had any discs start to degrade...
But I think scientifically, most disc that use the Cynane dye last roughly the same amount of time anyways so long as there is some care and quality control in the manufacturing process.


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