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barley masticus
2006-11-27, 02:27 PM
all of my torrent files in azureus disappeared. 163 files vanished into thin air...
this happened to anybody before??? restarted my cpu and they were gone.

2006-11-27, 02:40 PM
You probably accidentally hit the filter and nothing showed up (my cat did that to me once). Go to the filter bar and hit "All".

barley masticus
2006-11-27, 03:10 PM
don't have any filter (bar) other than ip filters that i know of. :hmm:
when azureus loads, it doesn't initialize any of the torrents, either.
it only takes 10 seconds to open (when it took a couple of minutes yesterday).
back to the filter bar.... where is it???

2006-11-27, 06:22 PM
The filter bar is above both the incomplete and complete torrents list (see picture below). But, if it's only taking a few seconds to open, then that sounds like you really did somehow delete your torrents. Could you have somehow selected them all and then accidentally hit the Delete key? (although, I know that I have mine setup to verify deleting stuff.)

2006-11-27, 07:55 PM
Did you shut it down properly? A few times when my comp crashed while I was running azureus it lost all the torrents. It gave me a message about losing a file (I think it was a config file.)

2006-11-27, 11:19 PM
One week ago my comp. rebooted itself, I was having my dinner, when i looked at it all the progs I was running were closed, I opened my client (UTorrent) and all my torrents were gone!
The torrent files stay on your comp, if you're on Windows XP look at C:/Documments & Stettings/Administrator/Application Data/Azureus. Then reopen them, and they will be back on Azu.

barley masticus
2006-11-28, 01:44 PM
very nice!!! yes, my computer "shut itself down" during the night, causing this.

i tried to reopen the files, but it didn't work. do i just hit the 'open' prompt??
thanks for the help.

2006-11-28, 02:41 PM
I tried to open several of my torrent from those directory I told you and it works fine for me, so yours should work as well, but perhaps with Azureus is different.
If yours have the "normal" icon should work, if not, I'm afraid you will have to redownload them off the trackers, but don't worry, you haven't missed any data, Azu will check the stuff and you will keep on seeding/leeching after getting them from the sites.
But, hey, this is like an epidemy, two friends of mine from the UK saw how their comps rebooted themselves the other day, too. Both have Windows.

barley masticus
2006-11-28, 02:53 PM
strange... i think mine shuts down due to lack of memory. oh well.
to reopen do you right click and hit open? that's how i was trying and it wasn't working. wondering if i'm missing something in the big picture.
there were quite a few that were (1) solo here... bet there are some people wondering where i went and if they will be able to finish their d/l.. :hmm:

2006-11-28, 05:59 PM
Yes, I right click and "Open", or double click, that makes no difference, then the small window opens on my client waiting to accept the download, like it always does every time I d/l some stuff.
It seems it isn't working for you. How many clients do you have? Only Azureus? If it's so, they should open on Azu as default by double clicking.
Perhaps if any one who runs Azu posts here it could help, but I guess the system has to be the same.

2006-11-28, 06:21 PM
You can also open up Azureus and then just drag/drop the torrent file into the top part of the window (where it says Incomplete Torrents). Then, if you have it set to ask where to save the files, it will open up that window and then just select the folder you original saved it to (I have an Audio Downloads and a Video Downloads folder that I normally save to) and it will go through and verify the files are complete and then move the torrent to the bottom Complete Torrents window.

barley masticus
2006-11-29, 07:17 PM
thank you two sooo much for the help, but my computer crashed last nite...
i've got about 300 gigs that i am going to have to recover. :rolleyes:
thanks again, though.

2006-12-03, 05:14 AM
"strange... i think mine shuts down due to lack of memory. oh well."

Machines won't reboot or shut down due to memory deprivation. They may lock up forcing a manual reboot, but lack of memory won't shut them down automatically. Bad RAM chips can cause reboots but not shutdowns. Memtest is decent at finding out if you have memory errors.

I have had similar probs. with Azureus but only during a power failure. It is a Java based app. and will drop and forget everything if it doesn't shut down gracefully. As was stated above you can scavenge the configuration from its folders, but if your uploading or downloading more than a couple then your wasting time as I have learned. Reseeding a couple or redownloading a couple is within my memory realm. :wave:

barley masticus
2006-12-04, 01:06 PM