View Full Version : Sony Vegas 6 - rendering quality, need help !

2006-11-26, 07:33 AM
Hi. First time poster.
I am having quality issues with rendered footage from Vegas 6. I have Sony mini DV camera, import without a problem, but when I render and burn to DVD, the quality is far lower than the original miniDV.
I recorded in HQ widescreen.
I have high powered PC with plenty of HD space and 2 gigs ram. PC not the problem.
There are sooo many selections on the rendering menu (default and editable). I've tried many combinations...nothings working. Including 59,940 Frame rate and 19,400,000 video bps.
What are the best, best, best setting for render HQ widescreen.

Pls help. Going outta my mind!

2006-11-26, 02:31 PM