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2006-11-25, 11:02 AM

I'm a new member here, started downloading from Belgium. Alas, all the ISPs over here have an upload limit, which prevents us of uploading more than 2 Gigs/month, which is quite annoying. It's being hard on my share ratio. There's a possibility of buying extra upload capcity, but that really isn't the idea of the whole trading thing, is it ? This is supposed to be free.

Does anone have a solution to my problem ?

2006-11-25, 03:46 PM
but that really isn't the idea of the whole trading thing, is it ? This is supposed to be free.

Just sit back and re-read what you just wrote there. Using your logic, I should be quite upset that I am paying for the premium to be able to upload as much or more then I download while you are downloading only on the cheap. I'm sure there are numerous folks from Belgium who are paying the premium as well. What about the folks that spend their money on taping gear so that everyone else can get their "free" music?

Now, I'm not admonishing you by any means...just trying to point out where your thinking is a little off.

Couple of ideas:

Upload as much as you can. The way that BitTorrent works the best is when everyone shares as much as they can.

Set up B&P's or vines to help "seed" through the mail instead of the internet. We have a whole subforum for these and other types of mail trading.

Bite the bullet and buy the increased uploading capacity. It can't be that much... Hell, I've got three kids, a car payment, a mortgage, credit cards, and addictions to various other hobbies and I'm still able to eek out the extra few bucks a month for a decent ISP.

Search through technobabble...there have been a ton of threads brought up with the same question. There's probably other answers in those threads too.

2006-11-25, 04:24 PM
Ok, I see your point. Thanks for helping me out :).

2006-11-25, 05:02 PM
Something I've seen other people do is to find someone else who has similar music interests and then you each download 1/2 the shows and copy them and send them to the other. Kinda like trading. That may work for you. (Just make a signature and state something like "I'm looking for a trading buddy near Belgium who likes the bands xxx, yyy, and zzz. Please PM me." You may want to put more detail in it than I did, though.)