View Full Version : How do I rewrite discs???

2006-11-25, 07:59 AM
I was wondering how I can rewirte DVD+R media and CD-RWs once they were burnt already. My new burner seems to be able to do it but I can't find that option in Nero...? I have a couple of dvds which I got from friends and I don't need them anymore and now wanted to re-write them. does it make sence to rewrite discs or is it just a shitty additional function no-one uses???

2006-11-25, 08:17 AM
You can only rewrite media with a -RW or +RW (rewriteable) suffix.

CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+R are can only be written to on one occasion, though you can add a further session to a CD-R if it was not closed when written. Audio CD-Rs must be closed in order to be readable by CD players so if the discs in question are audio then even that avenue is closed.

2006-11-25, 08:33 AM
In Nero Express at the file add in window click the "more" tab, you'll get a drop down that has the erase disc option. as stated RW media only